Blue Stream

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Heritage Village Dedicated Customer Support Phone#: 561-486-0097

Option 1: Customer Service / Hours 9am-5pm EST. Monday thru Friday – Use option 1 for New account set up, installation appointments or adding/removing services & upgrades, and/or cancelling of service.

Option 2: Technical Support / 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week. – Use option 2 if you are experiencing outages, slow speeds, or other technical difficulties operating your devices.

Included in our monthly HOA fees: “Fiber-to-the-Home” Internet, with a minimum of 200 MBS upload Speeds & 200 MBS Download Speed (Symmetrical) . Your WIFI Modem, and network repeaters are also included at no extra charge on first install. Blue Stream will also help you set up all your homes WIFI devices on the new network. Second time new installs subject to service call costs.

*Each unit will only have one (1) account/responsible party (Tenant or Owner). So if you are a landlord and keep the account under your name, you will be responsible to Blue Stream for the equipment and your tenant would have to go through you to upgrade/add on services. You, the Landlord, would receive the bill and have to collect from tenant or build the cost into your rental agreement. If the tenant damages/looses/steals any equipment, you would have to cover the cost and try to collect from the tenant…..

It is highly advised, that instead; You require the tenant to set the account up in their own name, as they will be responsible for the equipment, can upgrade/add on at their preference and will receive the monthly bill directly. In which case:

**The tenants moving in will be responsible for calling and setting up their account with Blue Stream, and will receive new equipment under their own name/account.

**The tenant moving out will be responsible for calling and cancelling their Blue Stream account and returning any equipment under their name.

If you would like to upgrade your internet speeds or add television/phone you can do so by calling 561-486-0097 and selecting option #1. You will receive a separate bill for only the additional services/upgrades at the discounted price.

Additional Upgrades/Add-ons (Billed Separately to the Owner / Tenant)

If you have a smart TV, Android/Google TV Box (Like Chromecast), Apple TV, Roku, etc…. You can download the “VUit” App, and sign into your Blue Stream account to watch your live TV with out the need to pay for additional set top tv boxes! The “VUit” app is also available on the app store for most mobile devices and tablets!