Parking & Vehicles

Violators of parking and vehicle rules will be towed at the expense of the vehicle owner.

If your vehicle is towed, DO NOT CALL MANAGEMENT.
To retrieve your vehicle, contact:
Kelle Sheehans Towing @ (561) 832-7878
2635 Electronics Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Click here for a map of buildings and parking spaces


  • All vehicles parked in resident spots must be registered with management.
  • Each unit has two assigned parking spaces and is only allowed two vehicles. – Residents may not park in Guest Parking spots.
  • Motorcycles, over-sized trucks and trailers are prohibited. 
  • Writing or advertising must be hidden under a vehicle cover or magnet.
  • Commercial vehicles with equipment, materials, supplies, or industrial rack systems are prohibited.
  • No vehicles are to be driven over or parked on the grass or sidewalks. 
  • Please be mindful of the speed limit through the community, children at play and pedestrians and pet’s.
  • Please be mindful of your neighbors. Do not sit in your car idling for extended periods of time and your stereo blasting. Especially during night time hours.
  • Life long hobby repair of vehicles on the property is not allowed. Emergency repairs are ok.
  • Vehicles with expired tags may be towed.
  • Residents are required to keep the association updated of any changes in vehicles belonging to the Units – For more details see our page on “Resident Information Updates”.